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A home loan is a loan which is offered by a bank/lender to help you in purchasing a house. This has to be repaid to your bank/lender in monthly instalments.

Loan against property offers a loan against the mortgage of your property. It means your security will be your property in case you are incapable to repay it. It is typically of around 40% – 60% of your property’s price, and maybe rise up to 70%.

Now you will be wondering what is so great about these loans. Well, I am going to outline some points of distinction between these to make you understand better and select one.

Home loan

In this your capital goes up- Property prices all over the nation are booming. To tackle inflation and make sure that you have a huge fund reserve in the future purchasing a home is the best investment you can make.

Easy interest rates- Home loan interest rates are quite lesser than other loans. They fall in the range between 9.50% and 13%. This ensures that repayment of a home loan is hassle-free, cheap and easy on your pocket.

Also, home loans are rapidly processed and paid out, thus you don’t have to face any impediments when you submit an application for this kind of loan.

Loan Against Property:

It’s your own property- When you submit an application for loan against property you still retain ownership of your property. This signifies that you can maintain your residence in your own property and put together the loan payments every month to maintain your ownership.

You can sell it if you want to- If you’re not able to make regular payments or believe you won’t be capable in the future then you have the right to sell your property. As the loan is only a fraction of your property’s cost, you can reimburse the amount and take remaining funds left.

Plot loan interest rates- The property loan tenure can be somewhere between 1 to 15 years. The standard interest rate is between 12% and 17%. The blend of these elements makes certain that property loans are effortlessly repayable.

You can make more money- If you are a businessman and have taken a plot loan, then you can spread out your business using your own property. In the event of booming property prices you can get your property refinanced at a higher value, which will give you a raise in your loan amount.

Both these loans have their own advantages which make them ideal for different situations. If you want to buy a house, take a home loan and if you are in dire need of funds, a loan against the property loan is a fine choice. Your property will be pledged as collateral and the funds can be put to use for anything you want; the bank has no right to question you on that.

It is not that difficult to decide about these loans, as both the types of loans can be used for wholly diverse purposes. I hope this helped you in making an informed decision about home loan in Delhi and property loan in Delhi NCR.

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