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Taking a home loan is really amazing the moment you build or get your house. But the next moment when it’s the turn to pay back the loan, it really becomes tuff in the part. Just because of the monthly EMI’s there are a lot of troubles being faced by the loan takers in every moment. To take that, you can bring on with various effects and side effects that truly impacts on the home loan and its processes. After taking a home loan, the first priority becomes to repay it back. So it is most important to take a correct amount of loan instead of taking bulk ones that really becomes difficult to pay back. It is really important to bring on with the discussion of various merits and demerits of the loan system and their strategies.

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Merits and demerits:-

There are a lot of points that one must take into their mind before moving to a loan system. These are like:-

  1. check out with the reduction of interest payouts:-

This is an obvious matter to consider. It’s because the pre payment of the home loans does result in to an immediate reduction of the outstanding principal amount on the home loans. This would surely result in an immediate reduction of the outstanding principal amount. It is necessary to repay the amount with providing a perfect angle to the savings as well.

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  1. repayment of the amount without reducing the tenure:-

Mostly when you are going for a pre payment of the home loan, you can take on two options. Firstly either you can reduce the number of home loan installment or next you can keep the number of installments with reducing the monthly mortgage payments. It is preferred that instead of paying the monthly amount of EMI for the original time period; you can reduce the tenure of the same monthly installment.

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Try to keep on the original number of EMI’s but do try to reduce the monthly EMI per month in the form of monthly cash outflow.

  1. impact on the leverage :-

Try to check out the appropriate amount that you can impart on the source. This really is going to bring on a perfect try on the hands to save some money if not invested in a perfect manner.

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  1. check out the debt equity ratio:-

This is considered to be one of the classic and exclusive financial ratios to be considered. This is perhaps going to bring on a first ratio look into the analysts to identify the risk factor of the financial decision that is being associated to be taking place. The process doesn’t permit more risky investments which might make you see the lenders.


The loan taking formula works perfect if taken in quite a justified manner. This would bring on a targeted solution to the process without any extra effort to spend money on it.

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