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Pre-Approved Loan- What To Know

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When we start planning to purchase a property and we lack sufficient financial means to do so, we normally go for a home loan. The question to ask here is how we can be certain that the bank will approve our loan. What if our...
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How To Save Money On Home Loan- Points To Remember

Home loans are long-term commitments and can cause much stress. Before applying for a loan in Delhi, you have to be absolutely sure that you can meet the regular monthly payments. Still, there isn’t any reason to fear the time frame. I have listed 5...
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Home Loan- The Mystery Loan Unravelled

Real estate in NCR has been the option for many when it comes to investment. However, with the exponentially ballooning prices, purchasing property here has become a costly affair. You will need home loan in Delhi NCR to ensure that you fulfil your dream of...
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How To Identify A Good Home Loan Scheme

Whilst home loans are effortlessly available, it is vital to gain the one with the least interest rate, thus saving money. Significant criteria like lowest fixed and floating interest rates, loan percentage, and prepayment option availability, special concession for women, senior citizen etc, will help...
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Prepayment of Home Loans- What To Know II

In the last post we discussed about prepayment of home loans. In this post on loan guide in Delhi NCR we look more into it and explore about the best time to prepay and what are the tax benefits on loan. When to prepay and...
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Commercial Property Loan–What You Need To Know II

In the previous post we discussed about commercial property loan differentiators and how it works. We shall continue exploring more about commercial property loan in Delhi in this blog. After the differentiators of LTV ratio, higher fee and ROI, Builder category, Technical evaluation, and obtaining...
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Prepayment of Home Loans- What To Know

Unlike the west, we Indians favour having a debt-free life. Though, given the overpriced properties prices, taking a loan is generally the sole alternative existing when one wants to purchase a house. This post will serve as a loan guide in Delhi NCR for those...
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