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  Personal Loan   Loan Against Share  

Want some money for personal purposes, overdue credit card payments, dream tours, shopping or marriage. This kind of cash can be obtained easily via Personal Loans. On our site you can compare interest rates and EMI options. The loan amount can range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 20 lakhs and the time period of repayment of loan can be from 1year to 5 years.
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Have you got shares and want a loan, and then you can opt for loan against shares. This loan can be used for any purpose as you like, no questions will be asked by the bank. It can also be referred to as a secured loan in which your shares are the collateral.
Loan against shares as its name suggests, is the loan given to you by bank in lieu of your shares.
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  Business Loan   Car Loan  
  Are you planning to start a new business, but are unable to go ahead with it because of cash crunch? It is quite a common scenario in these troubled times. The financial sector is feeling the heat of a long term economic recession, leaving many aspiring entrepreneurs to weigh the options between running a cash-strapped business and looking for a job. However, that does not necessarily need to happen in your case. If you have a really good business plan to start with, then the lack in investment funding can always be remedied by getting a business loan from a reputed financial organization.
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  With the launch of small-budget cars, the demand in car market has surged exponentially. Today, almost every individual dreams to own a car that fulfills his/ her needs. If you are one of them, car loans can help you in turning your dream into reality.
Turn your dream into reality. Own that new car you have always desired, with a little help from us. We offer car loans up to 90% of the ex-showroom price of the car. Our interest rates would pleasantly surprise you. What's more, you can take up to 5 years to repay the loan.

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  Home Loan   Project Loan  

Owning a home is every person's dream come true. But the ever escalating property price and sky rocketing interest rates act as a great hindrance to all. Even if one decides to buy a home through home loan finance, the very prospect of meeting several home loan providers to check out their current home loan rates before reaching a final decision, scares the wits out off the buyers mind.
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Have a fantastic project in mind for your company, this project can help your company already blooming reputation to a new high; but can't start it due to shortage of funds, then come take a project loan.
We act as Project Loan Consultants for various commercial Projects. Our clients have always profited from the Project Loan Consultancy provided by us.
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  Loan Against Property   Term Loan  

The loan against property is also known as LAP and it is one of the best ways for sending your kids abroad or financing your business or child's wedding. The first thing to consider in such a situation is where you will get the money from? There are several ways through which you can arrange these loans against property by taking a loan. You may go for a personal loan against the amount that you require or go for a loan against property.    
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Having a financial crunch in your company and need capital to run your operation smoothly. Then avail a term loan.

Term loan is the loan given to limited companies for short tenure. This loan is basically given to the companies with a great potential but in need of working capital to fulfill their demands of production.

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